This world is beautiful but harsh!

So recently I have been very emotional and everything has been getting on top of me. But here I am, still going strong. With my due date fast approaching my belly has grown considerably! Noone ever tells you how difficult day to day tasks would be or how much pain you will be in as … Continue reading This world is beautiful but harsh!

Baby…… Out of my depth?

Who am I kidding?? I don't know how to look after a baby, I am literally scared beyond belief. Okay so I am freaking out, how do you hold a baby? How do I know what they want? Why are they crying? Being pregnant hasn't been a fairy tale but once the baby is here … Continue reading Baby…… Out of my depth?


Today was a day that I needed to remind myself to smile.... work was hard and I had to remember life is what you make it. I love to smile, everything seems to heal and the world becomes a better place to be. Please smile when things get hard, remember life is beautiful