Netflix Addiction!

Okay so I am relatively new to the whole Netflix subscription but I have to say I am a definite lover of the whole experience. I got a new phone contract and there was an incredible deal in which I had 12 months free Netflix to look forward too. I jumped at the chance to explore and discover new series and movies for free, I love to immerse myself in different worlds and also learn different things from all the documentaries. I am not one to just concentrate on the one series at a time, I tend to see a program and start watching even if I am watching a dozen other series at the same time. I am currently watching a very varied and diverse set of programs and I am in love with all of them.

First up is Queer Eye, this is absolutely amazing. Not only are the Fab Five beautiful, genuinely kind souls but they help others to discover that they are amazing and worthy. I feel a magic wash over me as soon as I hear the music and I can feel the biggest smile, I wish I had half the confidence these men have. I have learnt a lot from them about how I should take care of myself and love who I am as a person. 

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My next guilty pleasure is The Big Bang Theory, this program fills my world with humour and friendship. The characters are very relatable and you can become part of the family, you feel what they feel and wish and hope for exactly the same things. Sheldon is my favourite of all, he is fun, quirky and very likeable. He is very awkward, uncomfortable and doesn’t interact well with others but this is why I love him. I would be the female version of him, I am very people shy sometimes and I tend to avoid social events unless I am very comfortable with certain people present. Seeing this friendship group makes me not feel alone anymore.

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Another is The Good Witch, I wasn’t sure of this program at first. It takes more than the first couple episodes to really get a gist of what is going on. I love it because its one of those feel-good programs, every episode makes you feel inspired. Its just a magical world and I look forward to racing home so I can watch another episode.

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One which I found by accident was Shadowhunters, I read some books and this series was based on them. I was worried as sometimes movies and TV series never live up to the book but I was pleasantly surprised. I am now on the new series and having to wait each week for the new episode to be released and it’s amazing. Each new twist and turn keeps me guessing, normally vampires and werewolves would be too much but trust me it is a must see!

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I hope I have given some of you some ideas of what to watch next but there are so many good series and movies too. Keep watching……..

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