Christmas. Excited much!

Okay I know what you are thinking, its November and Christmas isn’t for ages yet but still the big kid inside me is screaming to escape and roll about in tinsel and mince pies! For me being with family is the best thing about Christmas (okay the food is proper good too). Seeing everyone happy and joyful brings a smile to my face, watching them open their presents and stuff themselves silly with turkey and pigs in blankets is something I look forward too every year.

So who has completed their Christmas shopping already? Hmmm not me that’s for certain, panic stations! I am completely unprepared this year, I haven’t even got a plan of what to buy everyone like I normally do. I blame my baby brain.

Since we lost my mother in law, we now take my father in law out for dinner as he is unable to access our house and does not possess a cooker anymore. But where to go? Last year was a tragedy in terms of food, you could have as much as you wanted but as it was carvery the food was pretty much stone cold even whilst serving. Trouble is many places now charge a astonishing amount, I mean I don’t blame them at all who really wants to work on Christmas?

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

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