Books are my escape, you can find yourself in some magical faraway land within seconds. I implore people to read as much as you can and treat yourselves to the pleasure and glorious smell of the ink on the pages! I was bought a Kindle which I thought was very generous at the time but I missed the feel of turning page after page. Not only this but I love going into my spare room and seeing my perfectly beautiful bookshelves showcasing each and every book I own proudly!

I wasn’t a very popular child at school, I was the outsider who sat in the corner reading novels! I liked to learn and threw myself into everything within reach. One thing that saved me was knowing that I had another world that they could only dream of. I was bullied for loving to read, I was treated like an alien. In English class I had the pleasure of being exposed to all different genre’s and my teacher’s all supported me and lent me books they had recommended. Not even my siblings understood me, I was shunned and spent most of my time tucked away on my windowsill in my bedroom with a torch for when it got dark.

At secondary school I found a fellow book reader, Tabitha. She was the best friend anyone could ever wish for, we would hang out together and we wouldn’t have to say a word, we could just read and still enjoy each other’s company. I spent 3 years knowing her before she was taken away to sing with the angels. We were both age 15 at the time and my world fell apart, to this day I still think about her every second. I found out that she was writing me a story of my own which she never got to finish it! I owe everything to Tabby, she made me the person I am today, she taught me to treat everyday like a blessing. I continue to read, sometimes I read books out loud at home hoping that she may be listening from Heaven. Silly I know!

My husband doesn’t share my love of books, he believes I have more than enough for one lifetime but he would never stop me and is always encouraging me to buy more whenever we go shopping. I have lots of different favourite authors, mostly Crime Thrillers/ Murder Mystery’s and Fantasy are my all time go-to books. Although from time to time I do enjoy a good old Romantic Comedy.

One of the best chances in my life was being able to learn to read!

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

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