Life can be cruel ….. but also amazing!

I would like to apologise for my silence recently, I went in a state of mind in which I did not want to share with others.

These past few years have been such a challenge for me personally, I have lost some very important people in my life and this has forced me to look at things in a different light. Firstly in November 2017 we lost my mother in law and the following year 2018 we lost my brother in law which was a shock to us all, this year hasn’t been any improvement due to the shock of a fatal accident in which a good friend tragically suffered injuries she could not recover from and shortly after this I lost a very dear great aunt and great uncle.

When one person suffers this amount of loss a little piece of them is lost forever too! I realise that life is precious and we should all celebrate with those we love and cherish. I still have my loving husband, my 2 beautiful fur babies and an amazing supportive family.

Thankyou for reading

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