Baby…… Out of my depth?

Who am I kidding?? I don’t know how to look after a baby, I am literally scared beyond belief.

Okay so I am freaking out, how do you hold a baby? How do I know what they want? Why are they crying?

Being pregnant hasn’t been a fairy tale but once the baby is here what do I do? Am I alone here? I have been reading a book called First-time Parent by Lucy Atkins and I have to say it isn’t helping me relax anymore. The book starts by informing you of all the essential items you will require once baby arrives, all I see is how much money this is going to cost me. Next up is the part where they tell you what happens immediately after birth. This book skips over the birth itself, I am now left wondering why?

Is it that bad that the author decided she won’t even mention it?

The “Recovery” section is particularly eye-opening. Being left alone with a Newborn baby which you have no ides how to look after is terrifying! The news that once on the ward the fathers get sent home at night-time also shocked me and the midwives may be to stretched too thin to help. This supposed to be an exciting time isn’t it?

To breast-feed or not to breast-feed? Of course I want to try but so many of my friends have said that it is incredibly hard and it didn’t work for them. I know all the health benefits and all the goodness the baby will get from breast milk, I will try my very hardest to succeed.

Changing nappies! Now how do I do that without breaking the baby? I mean they are so tiny and fragile, and there is going to be icky stuff everywhere too. I only have 2 hands and it looks like a juggling act, holding baby, undoing the nappy, wiping and cleaning the bum. How do i do this alone?

Anyway I am sorry for blabbing on for so long, I was just having a moment where I am doubting myself and my skills as a parent-to-be.

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