This world is beautiful but harsh!

So recently I have been very emotional and everything has been getting on top of me. But here I am, still going strong.

With my due date fast approaching my belly has grown considerably! Noone ever tells you how difficult day to day tasks would be or how much pain you will be in as your centre of gravity changes and your back breaks.

I cannot wait to meet my little girl, nothing can change the way I feel about her already. I mean I haven’t even met her and I just know I love everything about her, feeling her kick and move around is the best thing.

I have had to take my maternity leave earlier than planned due to severe hip and back pain, currently having ongoing physio sessions to hopefully help me cope. My work have been so generous to allow me this early start, they have tried to support me in every single way they can.

So I’m sorry for ranting on but thought I’d update on my journey to a bright new future.

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