So I am having a rough day, week, month even year!

Ever since I was a teenager I have struggled with self worth and being comfortable in my own skin, this is still present at this point in my life but I have learnt to make the best of me! On a daily basis I struggle with skin issues, weight issues and much more but who cares? In the past few years I have gained weight to such an extent that I had to purchase a whole new wardrobe but this to me was a good thing! You must be thinking that I am a raving lunatic but I had the prefect excuse to go shopping and buy anything I wanted.

No I’m not a size 6 model but I am me, I am the person my husband fell in love with and married. I do not pretend to be something I’m not, I have a bright red nose and forehead on occasions because I suffer with dermatitis but why should I cover it up with make-up? The only time make-up gets a look-in in my house is Halloween! I don’t want to hide myself, I am the way God intended me to be and I and happy.

If people do not love me for who I am then my god they are not worth the effort.

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