My Ultimate Favourite Book……….Ever!

Okay so many of you may judge me for this choice and some may not understand where the hell I am coming from but this book makes me feel like a kid again and again, every time i pull this book off my bookshelf I can feel excitement bubbling up inside me stomach.

Here goes………………

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Photo Credit to BloomsBury

The magical world encased in this book warms my heart, the characters seem to just walk out of the pages and into your room. I remember the day it was released. I had begged my parents to rush out and buy it for me but unfortunately it cost way too much and they broke the news that I would have to wait for Christmas. My heart was in pieces, my big brother saw how upset I was and he made the decision to use the money he had earned that summer to get me a copy. He came home after getting a lift to the local bookstore with my nanny with the biggest Harry Potter bag i had ever seen. inside was the book. I am not afraid to say I burst into the happiest tears, my brother wasn’t overly keen on all the hugs I tried to repay him with.

I immediately ran to my reading window in my bedroom, this consisted of a duvet and pillows on my windowsill. I early started reading and I stayed there until i lost the light and my mum begged me to get some rest. At this point I realised I had to savour the rest of the book as if I didn’t then it would be gone and I’d have to wait for the next one.

I wan’t very popular at school so to have this other world that I could escape into helped me so much become the woman I am today. I learnt so many things about myself, for instance it was okay to not be normal or liked and adored by everyone. Every time I walk into the room that contains my bookshelves the first book that jumps out at me is Harry Potter. If I am feeling low or just need a reminder that there is magic all around me I love to flick through the pages and encase myself in Hogwarts.

If any of you lovely reader’s have any thought’s or feelings on anything I have said I would really love to hear and discuss these with you.

Happy Reading

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